Shennanigans with 3 Rats 1

We are the Hollywood Rats!, a rat pack from Hollywood and Operation Cheesy Medicine, Inc is our good works (Non-Profit) website. This is our cheesy ministry if you will. We love to laugh, and we want everyone to laugh, too. Unfortunately, many people are too sick to laugh… so that is where our good works program comes in. We want the superhero in your life to shine!

We create customized storybooks called, Obooktuaries, for terminally ill patients as a treasured keepsake for their family and friends. We also create fun, creative, custom care packages for ill and terminally ill patients that are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. Our boxes can be customized to ensure they tickle the funny bone or sweet tooth of the recipient.  Click on our request tab or click here to go to that page.

Want to know more about the Hollywood Rats!? Check out our their rathole on the interweb at HollywoodRats.com